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    Teamsters Local 600 161 Weldon Parkway Maryland Heights, MO 63043
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  • Right-to-Work (for less) is WRONG FOR MISSOURI
    Posted On: Jan 17, 2014
    • Right to Work is a divisive, partisan political issue meant to punish labor unions. In this economy, companies, employees and labor unions should be working together to create good jobs and create safe work places instead of the government trying to manage the private sector.
    • Instead of attacking labor unions, the legislature should be coming together to work on important issues like balancing the budget, creating jobs, and improving schools and not engaging in political paybacks against unions.
    • Right to Work laws make it harder for workers to protect their wages and job security and take away their voice in the workplace. The law would give even more power to big corporations at a time when CEO pay has grown 364 times higher than what the average worker makes.
    • This Right to Work law is part of the corporate special interest agenda to reduce benefits for teachers, firefighters, police officers, and other public employees. These workers perform vital services and threatening their benefits does nothing to create jobs but it will harm public schools and could endanger public safety.
    • The push to enact a Right to Work law in Missouri is part of a national effort being pushed by the same big corporations and CEOs who for years have boosted their profits by sending American jobs overseas. Now the corporate special interests are targeting Missouri to lower wages and cut benefits for middle class families so they can increase corporate profits even more.
    • Companies have more power than individuals have in an employer-employee relationship and employees won’t have a fair voice unless they join together as a team.
    • A Right to Work law would give big corporations even more power to cut wages and benefits so they can make higher profits. In states with these laws, workers make an average of five thousand dollars less per year and receive lower benefits than workers in states without the law.”
    • Unions ensure that women who work in union jobs earn equal pay for equal work and have health insurance, benefit programs, and higher salaries. Today, because of union efforts, even non-union women cannot be fired for being pregnant and have more options for taking care of their families. This Right to Work initiative would take away the progress women have made.
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